The Spider in My Vacuum (The Spider That Started It All) (MF)

The first encounter in my apartment

The first encounter in my apartment


This is the first spider that I met in my apartment. I know the picture sucks, but I didn’t take the picture for blog purposes. I took it because I was scared it would bite me and I wouldn’t be able to tell the ER what kind it was.

Anyway, this is probably the second worst experience with a spider that I have ever had.

I had just moved into my apartment maybe a few days before this happened. It was the first time I moved away from home, and I was a little overwhelmed and stressed about the whole situation. Luckily, I moved into an apartment that already had two girls living in it, so everything was furnished except my bedroom. One day when both of my roommates were out, I decided to get accustomed to my new place by cleaning. I know that’s lame, but I have a mild case of OCD. And really, it’s an excellent way to figure out where everything is when you go around looking for cleaning supplies.

I had already cleaned up the kitchen, and I decided to finish up by running the vacuum. I looked around for a vacuum, and in the corner I found a VERY small, cordless vacuum with a long handle.

It looked almost exactly like this. (Found at

It looked almost exactly like this. (Found at

Anyway, I was about ten minutes in and it stopped pulling up all the dog hair, so I figured it was full. Not being familiar with the vacuum, I turned it upside down and started looking at the bottom part trying to find the canister. I thought I had found it and I grabbed a small plastic lip and pulled. Then the second scariest spider moment of my life happened. At the same time the plastic popped and came loose, a smallish brown thing came flying out right next to my face and landed by my foot. I screamed and dropped the plastic cover I had popped off. I looked down and there, by my foot, was MF. I’m sure you can imagine what that stands for. I named him that because those were the first words out of my mouth when I got a look at him.

It was exactly like this (Found at

It was exactly like this (Found at

Normally when I get scared, I go for the flight response. Not this time. I froze up and stared at him for a long while, just trying to process everything. I stared and stared and stared, neither of us moving…

After I had time to process and found the courage to move, I slowly backed away. I kept my eye on him as I backed up to the sink and groped around the cabinet underneath, searching for some kind of bug spray by feel. I eventually found some, though I had some back ups like antibacterial spray.

I walked back to MF and stood as far away from him as I could and still hit him with the spray, which explains why the pictures are so bad. I fired, and then he started to run. I made a strangled noise and followed him, spraying him constantly the whole time. I will never forget the horrible, creeptastic, robotic way he panic-ran away from the spray. He made it under one of the couches, which luckily was very high off the ground, so it wasn’t hard to look underneath and spray some more. I continued to spray until the can was empty, though he had curled up long before.

It made me feel the way this did the first time I saw it

It made me feel the way this did the first time I saw it (Found at

MF was the largest spider I had ever seen up to that point in my life. He had a huge body and super thick legs… Ugh.

What really got me about the experience was that either MF found the vacuum and thought it would make a really cozy, dark home, OR one of my roommates found him and couldn’t figure out how to kill it, so she vacuumed him up in that tiny ass vacuum cleaner and just left him there…

Next to him you can see the plastic cover I was talking about

Next to him you can see the plastic cover I was talking about

To this day I do not know what kind of spider MF was, though I told everyone he was a brown recluse because for a while I was convinced he was. Then I actually looked them up and discovered he was not, but I continued to tell people he was because it made the story better.



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