The Spiders in Australia Series #8

OK, not much of a story, but a kick ass spider nonetheless.

9 (2)

Gotta love our guide

We had gone all over the place looking for platypuses, but we hadn’t had any luck. Alan had a place where we were pretty much guaranteed a sighting, it was just a lot further out than the other places. We headed out there after our last stop gave us just the shortest¬†glimpse of a platypus.

It was a bit of a walk from the car, but not much, and there were lovely shrubs everywhere. I was completely focused on getting to see a platypus, so I walked right by this lovely lady without even noticing.


9 (3)

Close up of this lass. Look at the dimples on her abdomen.


My mom was behind me, though, trying to keep my sister under control. My mom is also a plant lover, so she was looking at all the shrubs fairly closely. I was just around the corner from this one when I heard my mom call my name.

I started back and she said, “Did you see this spider? Now THIS is a spider!”

9 (5)

If you look closely between her top legs on the one side, you can see her boyfriend


When I finally saw her I just stopped and stared. This spider was something from nightmares, but still amazingly fascinating. According to Alan, this was a mostly grown golden orb spider. At first I wouldn’t go near her because I was terrified, so Alan kindly took the following picture.

9 (6)

Picture from the other side. You can see me, my mom, and my sister in the background. Also, the golden knees which give it its name.


The funniest thing had happened at this point, though. Because I had been searching for spiders the whole trip, my sister, who is terrified of all bugs of any size, was saying that she liked spiders A LOT. I don’t mean to brag when I say that she adores me, but she adores me. The best part was that if we asked her if she wanted to get closer to the spider that she just LOVED, she would get this terrified look on her face and shake her head no.


9 (7)

All the little white things are apparently eggs…. I put my hand in the background for size comparison. You can see a few other spiders in this picture too.


After a bit I got over my initial horror, so I decided I wanted a picture like Alan had with my head behind her. Unfortunately we had nudged her web and that scared her up a bit, so I wasn’t tall enough to get my face behind her. I settled for my hand.


9 (8)

This is me trying not to freak out while putting my hand behind for the size comparison

Anyway, right after this, I slipped down a muddy hill and made it to this little pond where we saw about four platypuses. I absolutely loved them. They were so adorable and strange.



This would be an even more fully grown golden orb


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