The Spiders in Australia Series #9

Not much of a story to this one either.

10 (2)

This is the bottom side of an orb weaver spider, more commonly known as a crab spider in Australia

This is, sadly, the last post from The Spiders in Australia Series. After seeing the platypuses, Alan wanted to give me the opportunity to see one more special spider before I left. He took us to his farm, where he knew there were a few of these guys hanging around.


10 (4)

More of a close up and my hand for size comparison

As soon as I finished with these pictures we drove the long way to the Cairns airport, then flew to Sydney for our last few days in Australia. I didn’t see any spiders in Sydney, so this is the last of them.


10 (7)

He’s so spiky and cool!

While I was led to believe that I would see MANY more spiders than I did, I definitely got my fill. Thank you to Australia for such a wonderful vacation! You’re not nearly as scary as everyone says you are! Well, you kind of are…



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